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Welcome to United States Pest Control. With millions of searches for pest control every year in America, you don't need to feel alone with your pest problems. But that's not hugely comforting to hear when pests could be invading your home at an alarming rate.

Bugs come in all shapes and sizes, and one fairly small sized pest, which is on a big increase in the U.S. at the moment is bedbugs. Cases of bedbug infestations where hardly ever heard of if we go back 10 - 15 years. But the sharp rise has brought the problem to almost epidemic levels.

Pest problems vary from state to state, mostly due to climate. Rodent infestations are more of a problem in colder climates, due to the pests searching for a warm place to shelter and find food. Whereas bugs are more of an issue in the warmer states, where temperatures rarely drop to freezing point, which usually kills off bugs.

Contrary to their size, termites pose a big threat in the U.S. Silently eating their way through wood in large numbers means they're slowly, but surely, weakening the physical structure of homes and businesses. A single termite colony can grow up to 2,000,000 in size, and eat their way through around 1 lb of wood in just one day. But it doesn't stop there, as multiple termite colonies can happily live side by side.

With such problem pests plaguing the U.S. we've set up United States Pest Control, a one-stop solution to quickly and effectively rid your home or commercial property of nuisance pests. We don't just deal with bedbugs and termites, we can put a stop to every pest; Including fleas, ants, flies, moths, cockroaches, rodents and wildlife.

Our services don't stop there. Call us now for a chat about your pest needs on our toll free number (844) 754-4502 or check out our home page to find out about a range of pest services we provide, along with detailed information on our pest control services where you live.

Your United States Pest Control team.

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